Indigo Exporter

An Indigo Render exporter for Cinema4D (PC / ver. 9+)

  • Compatible with Indigo 0.6 test 1 xml format (i.e. Background element format)
  • Indigo 0.4/0.5 features support (No embedded meshes)
  • XML scene format
  • Metals (using nkdata files) and fresnel scale in phong material
  • Albedo and Bump maps with exponent/gain control
  • New light spectrum definition (peak, blackbody, rgb)
  • Save scene and Run Indigo
  • Save with last scene name and Run Indigo
  • Sphere and Plane "perfect" object support
  • 3DS object for each poly primitive or grouped by smooth tag
  • Focus distance automatically calculated when using a target camera
  • Material mapping tag to help define Indigo materials using Cinema ones
  • German translation by Micha1138B (thanks)
  • Spanish translation by Jordan Gantier R. (thanks)
Uses TinyXML

Indigo Exporter for Cinema4D version 0.59.7

Indigo Render is a free unbiased render engine by Nicholas Chapman
Indigo Render forum at #flipcode

Mini Tutorial Videos
Please note that in some tutorials audio may be out of synch while moving to the end of the video

Cinema4D - Indigo material mapping with helper example
Cinema4D - Indigo basic material mapping example
Complex Cinema4D object export example
Indigo lights setup example
3DS export example
Depth Of Field example

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